We introduce the student in musical language, hearing and practice music theory, both melodic and rhythmic, parallel to the practice of the instrument, either piano or guitar, both melodic-harmonic instruments more likely offer in global learning this artistic side.

Music is a language that has its own code and you need to know. A very elaborate language that occurs in such person psychological and spiritual effect which can be considered as one of the natural ways of relating and communicating higher, although this requires special education.

One of the disciplines that promotes personal autonomy more towards learning and studying is precisely music. The rigor, the “know-how”, discover the tools you have and relate all learning the language of music with the interpretation of your instrument is an enrichment that can not be found in other disciplines. In short, the music brings to the humanistic education:

• Discipline

• Responsibility

• Sensitivity

• Solidarity

• Creativity

• Tolerance

• Critical Sense

We offer, therefore, basic and advanced music theory, piano and guitar, deepening in both individual and collective artistic expression, promoting student awareness to the musical expression and all kinds of artistic expression promotes involvement in social, collective and inclusive.

We conduct musical activities (auditions, concerts, …) both in the center or in activities promoted in our environment during the course of our city or the rest of the country (Christmas concert, contests, collaborations with other centers, …)


CHORAL SINGING – From 2nd PRIMARY and adequacy of choral groups in ESO

Our school choir is the “Coral Atril”.

In continued collaboration with the music classroom foster learning in voice training. Choral singing is a widespread activity in our country that promotes collaboration, involvement, respect, sensitivity, discipline, solidarity, creativity and responsibility when it comes to making music alone and in groups, to get onstage and create music from the body. The implementation group and the importance of listening and “heard” do take too aware of the importance of one for the other and the other towards oneself.

The Choral school involves acts, celebrations or other events taking place during the school year and, where appropriate, in other areas (choral competitions and meetings, etc.)

Learning voice training, traditional, contemporary, Christian musical field, pop …

Special attention to the coordination and implementation group. It is an activity open to acts, celebrations and other events taking place during the school year and, where appropriate, in other areas (choral competitions.).