From P3 to 4ESO

Classes will be held in the center and will be taught entirely in English. The center believes that it can not be otherwise, formal English should be the leader in the immersion language. Students will have the opportunity to present clearly the different tests that are called to acquire the certificates referred and managed school enrollment.


Classes, as discussed above them, will take place in the center and schedules will, on demand and recording, Monday to Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 h. It is also possible to offer classes for students of Kindergarten and Primary education from 14:00 to 15:00 h. (All times are subject to the final registration of courses)

•   P4/P5 Courses for kindergarten children.

•   YLE Certificate divided into three stages corresponding to Primary Education: Starters (1r/2n) Movers (3r/4t) and Flyers (5E/6E)

•   KET Certificate for the 1st cycle of ESO (1r/2n)

•   PET Certificate for the 2nd cycle of the ESO (3r/4t) FIRST CERTIFICATE Certificate relevant to students between 16 and 18. (Baccalaureate / Cycles)