More than a century of history and (approximately) every year, more than 1.200 students make our center to be a reference within the town of Tarragona.

The history of the dedication of Teresian Carmelite Missionary Sisters in educating children began in the Tarragona’s congregation in 1871. In 1872 the school in C / Cervantes, n. 5, with internal and external students, later moved to c/ Unió.

In 1925 began the construction of the current building as the seat of the General Council an training house of the future religious . The blessing of the new building took place on September 22, 1933. During the Civil War, in 1936, the sisters had to leave the building because the monastery was confiscated and intended to uses of various kinds. After the war, the building was restored and the isters were able to return and continue the mission carried out from there. Later expanded and enable the building for teaching.

At year 1982-83 began to make coeducation boys and girls, and in 1990 we introduced the old BUP.

In 2011 the Congregation initiated reforms to the Motherhouse building, including the offices of the school, to condition the spaces to current requirements and to provide a future open to modern facilities. These reforms are taken for completion in the last quarter of the year 2011-2012.

Currently we teach classes from P2 to Baccalaureate, CFGM and PQPI. The school Mare de Déu del Carme is a reference in the city of Tarragona, being one of the schools with the greatest number of lines and students of the city. The Teresian Carmelite Missionaries run the school “Mare de Déu del Carme” , located at Av Estanislau Figueres, no. 31.

The educational mission is shared with teachers thaT from their secular state collaborate and assume the mission that Francis Palau confided to her daughters, the Carmelite Missionary Sisters. The Learning Community serves children and youth in stages Children Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, High School, Vocational Training Modules First Grade and PQPI. The religious community provides valuable partners in the task of education, and care management services to students and animation and dedication to all pastoral activities.

Parents work from the Association of Parents of Students (AMPA) and volunteer members of the “Carmel Palautià” Foundation.