Listen to HIS voice cartells_cat_carmelites

The educational project of our school pursues the personal development of the individual through a clear proposal of Values. During this school year, from the Pastoral Department, we will continue working on INTERIORITY.

We live in a world that advances at a great speed and that is surrounded by a lot of noise. The technological advances ease some aspects of our lives. In this society of leisure, we discover that almost nobody has time…

All these circumstances, and a lot more, have caused this society the need to stop and observe what happens in the inside of each situation and person.

We consider that, at school, we have to give the answers to the present moment thinking that we are educating for the future. This is the reason why, with the new motto of the Pastoral Department, we would like to help the students, the educators, the administration and services staff, and the families develop the competence of learning to:

Be more reflexive delving into the reading of reality, going beyond the superficial reading, gaining a symbolic dimension and aiming for ethical criteria. We want to be able to integrate silence in our lives, in order to open ourselves to otherness and transcendence, and specially, so that we can nurture an inner being that moves us towards commitment.