Pastoral in class

  • Morning reflection: distinctive characteristic of Carmelites that takes place at the beginning of each school day.
  • Liturgical seasons: Advent-Christmas, Lent. Reflection and personal revision dynamics that will help us to develop a greater degree of solidarity, and to be more sensible and transcendental.
  • Religion classes: we study the religious fact. We learn the foundations of Christianity and this helps us to understand our history and culture.
  • The Founder, Pare Palau: we learn the life of the Blessed Francesc Palau and his message of education for all people.
  • Teambuilding days: an opportunity to reflect and to develop personal growth. Area of coexistence.

Pastoral Department and Solidarity

The school organizes DOMUND campaigns, Food banks, Holy Childhood, SOS Africa, Fam Campaign, Mans Unides Hike, a charity concert for the child sponsorship of the children of the Philippines, and other occasional campaigns that may arise.

The school offers the students, the families and the school staff the opportunity to do volunteer work with the aim of learning the necessities of the people that surround us.