The educational project of our school expects a well-rounded education of the person based on a clear proposal of Values. Since the previous school year, from the Pastoral Department, we had already started to work on this motto, which has a biannual character. Therefore, we started our task by raising awareness among the students about how good and bad emotions are related to the inner experience, how there is not such a thing as good and bad emotions, but how we rather feel ones or the others depending on our inner self and our own experiences.

What is happening in the world, in the country, and in our society is full of prejudice, both seen in a vast way or in a more reduced one, which conditions our view and makes us know, understand and interpret reality in a certain direction. Our proposal of reflection wants to make us realize that we can discover a different universe that will make us understand that same reality in a different way, if we are able to look into our inner self. Taking all that into account, we want to work on the INNER BEING. During the school year, we will try to give clues in order to make these words become more familiar to students.

CLICKING INSIDE YOURSELF… will help you go in depth into different things, look for reasons, try to give explanation to our own doubts, to our own hopes, and open ourselves to the unknown, to what is there. However, we need another point of view to discover that.

CLICK INSIDE YOURSELF… because you can discover an unforgettable treasure in everyone that surrounds you.

CLICK INSIDE YOURSELF… because you can walk discovering that the recipe for your own happiness is inside yourself.

CLICK INSIDE YOURSELF… because God makes Himself present through all what is quotidian and simple. You only need to look inside yourself, go in depth into different things, change your point of view…