PASTORAL MOTTO 2016-17            

”Jesus online, CLICK INSIDE YOU”

There are no good or bad emotions, we just feel ones or the others depending on our own experiences and our inner world.

This year, through the pastoral motto, “Jesus online, CLICK INSIDE YOU”, we are going to identify, accept and express our own emotions to feel better and freer. We want you to live your own emotions!

Each month, we are going to work on one of them, and what better way to start than with happiness, continuing with acceptance, admiration, gratitude, hope, sadness, blame, improvement, enthusiasm, and love, as the feeling that centers the person of Jesus of Nazareth, our role model.

It is important to become aware that feelings are related to our own inner experience. We live according to how we are connected to the deepest part of ourselves, our own inner beings. Moreover, learning to externalize these feelings or emotions can be positive in certain circumstances.

We want to discover that the authentic happiness is born from our inner being.